About Omnirax Finance

Omnirax Furniture Company, a national leader in furniture design and manufacturing since 1985, is renowned for producing a wide range of innovative, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing furniture solutions for the Office, Broadcast and Technical markets.

While Omnirax products are universally recognized for their quality, functionality and durability, our expertise also includes heroic customer service and a collaborative custom design process that guarantees you always get not just what you want, but also what you need, at a price you can afford.

We are proud to offer the best financing programs available that can help you upgrade your facility now, without depleting cash flow while conserving working capital.

Introducing Omnirax Finance – financing made simple.

Omnirax has partnered with Apex Leasing & Finance as our finance administrator. With more than 30 years of experience Apex delivers structured, custom solutions available to meet your unique goals and needs.

Why Finance Furniture?

  • Fulfill All Your Furniture Needs Today

    Financing through Omnirax Finance can help you address your business’ or facility’s critical needs. We make it possible for you to focus on your goals such as fitting a budget, or maintaining profitability. We help you get the furniture you need now. Whether you are expanding, contracting, “densifying”or“beautifying.” Financing allows you to generate income while you upgrade your business capabilities and spread out the cost of your purchases.

  • Conserve On-Hand Cash

    With financing from Omnirax Finance, your cash is not tied up in equipment costs. Financing frees up cash for more strategic investments or for innovation to build your market presence.

  • Preserve Credit Resources

    Omnirax Finance won’t tie up your lines of credit, leaving more capital available for when needs emerge.

  • Fixed Monthly Payments

    A fixed monthly payment helps you to predict and manage your budget over the long term.

Benefits of Financing with Omnirax Finance

  • Unique Promotional Rates & Terms

    A variety of terms and structures are available to fit your unique business needs with affordable 12-60 fixed monthly payments and low fixed rates. Get better terms than banks without restrictive covenants, escalation clauses, and other contractual barriers. Financing options start at a minimum of $10,000. Financing options start at a minimum of $10,000 for qualified commercial customers that have been in business for at least two years.

  • Quick Turn-Around Time

    Quick turn-around time is ensured to meet deadlines. One page credit application. Often loans can be approved in as little as 24 hours.

  • Total Solution Financing

    With Omnirax Finance you can finance up to 100%of your furniture costs in addition to soft costs such as maintenance, installation, and services. Subject to some limitations, we can also finance the complementary non-Omnirax equipment of your total system such as seating, monitor arms, and more.

  • Personal Service

    Single point of contact –no need to deal with multiple reps or banks.

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